Expo Dubai – Marche Land of excellence. Debut of the green catamaran by Wider: 92 feet of design and sustainability. At the event Vice President Carloni.

A new Widercat 92 pleasure catamaran in composite material with hybrid propulsion made its debut on the world stage of Expo Dubai this evening. 92 feet in length, it will join Wider’s semi-series production under the banner of design, sustainability and technology. Several variants of interior layout are planned.

At the event Marcello Maggi represented the compnay and Fabio Fraternale, CEO Wider, also the Vice President for Productive Activities Mirco Carloni.

“Our Region, as the thread of our presence in Dubai with the brand Land of excellence says, – underlined Carloni – is a land of excellence and the construction of luxury yachts has an history of more than 70 years, with shipyards, designers and a subcontracting chain recognized worldwide. The Marche Region identifies in this sector one of the main engines of growth and development of the territory and we are open to discussion with all local players. We are ready to support initiatives of innovation, internationalization and to promote events that enhance the supply chain and our territory. All our companies in the sector work at an international level with a DNA that I would define as Marche, of seriousness, quality and listening skills. The luxury yacht market is expanding rapidly and it is the task of the institutions, leaving entrepreneurial freedom to the various subjects, to accompany them towards a model of sustainable and innovative growth that increases local employment and is added value for the territory. It will also be our task to dialogue, within our institutional limits, with foreign investors who see in our territory an area of creation of new companies that are grafted onto a fabric highly dedicated to “know-how”.

Wider is the mother of productions deriving from technological research carried out on site and proposed to the global market and aimed at better living, while maintaining the levels of satisfaction related to energy efficiency and comfort in all its aspects.

Widercat 92 is a masterpiece made in Marche designed by Luca Dini Design and developed with Wider Style Center. It is 28 meters long and 12 meters wide. The propulsion system guarantees a navigation speed of 12 knots that, thanks to the electric boost, can reach up to

15 knots. The energy produced by 170 solar panels on board is stored in the batteries and used at night. The hulls are characterized by a glass surface from bow to stern. Below deck there are two very spacious VIP’s cabins with a unique feature: direct access to the “beach club” with two opening platforms. Also available is a third double cabin for guests with private bathroom.

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