Emirati owner fulfils dream of Mediterranean summer cruise with family in personal 75ft yacht


‘Dubai Moon’ makes light work of rough weather and busy shipping lanes to reach Cypriot port of Limassol after 18 days at sea


When Bader Mubarak first saw his new Gulf Craft Nomad 75 SUV yacht, simple pleasure cruises and lazy days anchored off the coast were the furthest thing from his mind.

He instantly set his sights on something far more adventurous and decided to sail his UAE-built yacht from Dubai all the way to Cyprus for the ultimate Mediterranean summer holiday.

The Emirati CEO of Fish Farm LLC comes from a proud family of sailors, with his father having set up Mubarak Marine LLC with his two brothers in 1979, so the 3,300 nautical mile journey across five different bodies of water appealed to Bader’s two favourite pastimes – spending time at sea and overcoming challenges.

“We needed something comfortable for this trip and the Nomad 75 SUV was perfect. A boat this size gives you range and speed,” says Bader, who purchased his yacht from Gulf Craft’s Ajman dockyard, naming it ‘Dubai Moon’.

“With four big bedrooms, two living rooms, spaces around the boat, up, down, front, back and a garage for your dingy – the ‘Dubai Moon’ had everything we needed. There was even two crew rooms and a living area for them. That was what convinced us to buy it. So, we decided to sail.”

The journey involved 18 days at sea, taking in the Arabian Gulf, the Gulf of Oman, Indian Ocean, Red Sea and finally the Mediterranean.

Along the way the ‘Dubai Moon’ was dwarfed by oil tankers, container ships and huge cruise liners as it sailed some of the busiest shipping lanes in the world before passing through the magnificent Suez Canal alongside famous superyachts before dropping anchor in the Cypriot port of Limassol.

The first leg from Dubai to Salalah in Oman saw the ‘Dubai Moon’ complete a non-stop 800-mile, 4-day trip, overcoming challenging weather conditions on the way.

In one 36-hour period, the yacht faced 30 knot headwinds and 2m high seas. However, the Nomad 75 SUV’s super stable semi displacement hull meant it was able to take the rough weather in its stride with all those onboard enjoying a comfortable journey.

Renowned for its incredible range, the Nomad 75 SUV yacht used just 55% of its total fuel capacity sailing to Salalah. After a quick pitstop to restock on fuel, the ‘Dubai Moon’ continued its epic journey, with Jeddah in Saudi Arabia the next destination.

The second leg involved a 1,400 nautical mile voyage that took seven days cruising at around 10 knots, with ‘Dubai Moon’ following the major international shipping lanes.

“Sailing between Yemen and Somalia was difficult so we had to stick to the marine traffic lanes in the middle with all the big ships,” says Bader.

During this long stretch, ‘Dubai Moon’ easily cruised through periods of choppy and unpredictable weather as well as navigating sea lanes more accustomed to supertankers and globe-trotting container vessels, not luxury yachts.

At just over 75ft long with a 20ft beam and 4ft 11in draft, the 3-deck ‘Dubai Moon’ was perfectly at home on the high seas allowing all those on board to enjoy the luxurious features that make the Nomad 75 SUV one of the most versatile yachts on the market, including four guest cabins fully equipped with the latest entertainment technology and features.

As well as its superb offshore capabilities, the vessel’s wrap-around windows, spacious outdoor living areas and large fly-bridge provided a sweeping panoramic sea-view as the ‘Dubai Moon’ passed between Africa and the Middle East region, through the Bab El Mandeb Strait and north into the Red Sea and the Saudi coastal city of Jeddah.

Bader was impressed with the fuel efficiency of the Nomad 75 SUV – consumption during the 3,300mile trip was incredibly low, with the family only having to stop twice to refuel. This can be credited to the yacht’s semi-displacement hull with a round bilge, which helps to increase fuel-efficiency as well as stability.

After refueling for the second and final time at Jeddah Port – 2,400 nautical miles and 11 days sailing from Dubai – the ‘Dubai Moon’ was ready for the final and most thrilling leg of its voyage. Headed into the Suez Canal, the yacht was lucky enough to share the manmade waterway with a collection of famous luxury superyachts.

“We saw all these huge yachts that you only see in the magazines transiting the Suez Canal – all of them coming and going from the Mediterranean. It was wonderful,” says Bader.

“What made it even more special was the very next morning we were in Cyprus, we were in the Mediterranean. We had passed through five seas.”

After some scheduled maintenance in Cyprus, ‘Dubai Moon’ is set for a summer of sailing to some of the Mediterranean’s most beautiful destinations and has so far visited Turkey, Greece and a number of other Mediterranean countries.

Bader’s trip thrilled everyone at Gulf Craft who were delighted to see one of its Nomad 75 SUV yachts being used for its intended purpose – an extended cruise in comfort and style to far off destinations.

The largest superyacht builder in the Emirates, Gulf Craft is the leading supplier to the leisure boat and yacht market in the UAE and the region.

Gareth Lloyd, Nomad Yachts Brand Manager at Gulf Craft, says: “This trip perfectly demonstrates what Nomad yachts do best by providing owners with unforgettable experiences while keeping all those on board comfortable and safe to enjoy adventurous long-range cruises they’ll remember forever.”

Now that he has finally completed his dream journey, Bader is keen for more UAE yacht owners to follow his lead and take their boats on a trip of a lifetime.

“You know, I have had a lot of Gulf Craft clients calling me. People with 125-foot yachts and above calling to ask me, ‘How did you do it?’.

“I said, ‘guys, you have a 125-footer! I told them you only need courage. With courage, you can go anywhere. Wallah!”

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