Naval Allure – Life on water with MCY 105

The MCY Yachts are conceptualised, designed and built robust in classic designs. The company constantly evolves to stay in touch with new trends of luxury as they emerge to stay ahead of the game when it comes to yachting. We look into the reveal of the MCY 105, which is currently appealing to boating enthusiasts in key luxury markets.

The unveiling of the new MCY 105 coincided with Monte Carlo Yachts’ five-year anniversary, reiterating the company’s vision for building iconic luxury yachts and the best illustration of their iconic, timeless style.


The MCY 105 is the largest in the MCY collection, and the boatyard’s distinctive trait of creating alluring spaces available normally on mega-yachts is particularly evident. The interior spaces onboard the MCY 105 reflect the best in design and furnishing deserving every accolade the model has won so far.

Highlight of the MCY 105 is the large Portuguese deck at the bow, and the flybridge with equipment and living space that are unmatched in its class. Special attention is given the unique and ergonomic Raised Pilot House, which provides maximum comfort to the master cabin, located on the main deck and features full beam and giant, full-size windows.


Inside, the MCY collection’s feature iconic design elements offer a perfect balance of the hull and superstructure. It is evident that MCY 105 is the result of a painstaking attention given to proportions, the inherent dynamism of the lines, and to every single detail, no matter how small.

Hence the MCY 105 is elegant and stands out with imposing bulwarks and naval allure that is distinctive of the timeless MCY style. It has a sleek and spectacular main deck that is the main selling point for the model.

There is a central dining table and e seating area with a bar on the port side that offers great views when entertaining. The master cabin is designed into a luxury living space with an option of three to four cabins with luxury furnishings on the lower deck.


Boasting the MCY collection’s iconic design elements such as a perfect balance of the hull and superstructure, the MCY 105 gives attention to harmonize size and dimension on board. The interior and exterior is designed by Nuvolari & Lenard.

Monte Carlo Yachts always challenge themselves to build motor yachts to be the best expression of luxury that remains timeless. They are practical yet elegant and meet the standards and requirements of the most discerning clients in the yachting industry. The MCY 105 is a perfect example of the abilities of the company to build yachts that gets noticed by both peers and buyers in the industry.

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