Get stylish at home with Bentley


I’m in the process of looking for a swanky villa in Dubai to move into and can’t help but spend hours at home furnishing shops in the hope of making my new home fun and stylish. Now I must hold on to my gallivanting around town as Bentley have announced a partnership with Club House Italia for the development of its new Bentley Home Collection.

This exclusive collection of furniture and home-ware will combine the finest quality craftsmanship with exquisite modern design and the luxury finishes which underlie Bentley’s renowned global brand…. I can only imagine how cool and classic the collection will be.

The state-of-the-art collection will combine traditional elements in contemporary contexts to enhance today’s residential, commercial and executive office interiors….if you have been in a Bentley, you would know that they have the finest world-class interiors – now you can have this luxury feel in your home and office.

Club House Italia – which furnishes the finest homes, boardrooms, apartments, hotels, yachts and private jets – will reflect Bentley’s elegant, prestigious and recognisable style in the creation of a range of furniture that combines the highest attention to detail with the finest aesthetic sensibility.

The essence of Club House Italia is expressing the style of desire, giving a shape to luxury through a contemporary art made up of talent, sensitivity and expertise. Combined with Bentley’s legendary style and exquisite craftsmanship, the partnership will offer rare examples of elegance and fine finishes, using the world’s most beautiful materials to bring out unique elements of character and craftsmanship…..can’t wait to see it!

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