Back to Café culture in Dubai with La Maison Du Cafe

Shereen shabnam La Maison Du Cafe

Warm ambience of La Maison Du Cafe

It is great to be back in Dubai and in action after 3 weeks in KL and Bali….what I missed most was sitting in a café with nice ambience, people watching and typing away with other like-minded caffeine addicts. I started my first evening after work today at a new outfit on the way home…. the La Maison Du Cafe – ‘Cafe Najjar’ which is the internationally renowned Lebanese coffee concept that certainly  has opened a new world for coffee connoisseurs here to enjoy some of the most exclusive aromas.

The concept ‘Café’ was a cool find…it is on the way home for me next to Dubai Mall and has a lovely outdoor patio type set up that I love heaps when I want to write anything inspirational. The place was buzzing tonight with powerful local Emiratis, glamorous Lebanese all decked up for the night out and a mixture of serious business people and yuppies looking to hang out and have good coffee. I had a cup of cappuccino while drawing up my ‘To do’ list that has featured the same things that need to be done in the last 3-4 weeks.

I sat reading the brochure they had on the table when I got bored (I must really drag friends with me for coffee instead of always being a loner at these places). Café Najjar is essentially a Lebanese concept but is known in 57 countries abroad. With its firm philosophy that “Coffee… The word itself brings the entire globe together”  La Maison Du Café offers excellent coffee in a wide range of aromatic flavors that go hand in hand with the right choice of salads, sandwiches, main courses, homemade desserts and shisha. I don’t smoke so I sat inside for a much nicer experience minus the smell of shisha (Yes, I can be very boring at times but hey…my health is my number 1 priority now that I am approaching the big 40….lord help people around me when I actually hit the number and dwell on being ‘old’)

Back to coffee….The key to a really good cup of coffee can be summed up in one word: Freshness.  At La Maison du Café – ‘Café Najjar’ connoisseurs of fine coffee can choose from Dubai blend, Beirut blend, Brazilian, Brazilian Blond, Brazilian Santos, Colombian, Colombian filter, Costa Rican, Espresso  Italian, Espresso decaffeinated, Ethiopian, Harrar, Ivory Coast, Indonesian, Jamaican, Mocha and New Guinea. I would have tried a few of these but my dear boss wants me at a meeting at 8am and I couldn’t afford to be up buzzing with energy late night and turning up at the client’s office looking like a panda.

I would certainly go back and try their cookies with the coffee soon though….the cookies looked fresh and wholesome but I had to rush back home to put little diva to bed – even coffee takes a back seat when it comes to cuddles with NJD. See you at La Maison Du café soon – and say hello if you see an exotic islander stuck to a computer gulping down pots of green tea and coffee on the way home!

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