Condense Milk in squeezy pack

The super convenient pack that is making me smile during my sweet cravings

My colleagues have a love hate relationship with me this week…..and its all because of a delightfully sinful dose of condense milk in a squeezy pack which is enticing them towards more calories.

I personally would love to give the person who thought of the squeezy pack idea a super tight squeeze as I love condense milk…afterall Shereen literally means ‘sweet’ in so many languages. As a ‘Shereen’, I also love all things sweet, mainly chocolate but once in a while I have major condense milk or dulce de leche sessions.

I love the Cubans as I feel they make the best Dulce de leches in the world….and its all because of the humble condense milk…and currently I adore the guys at FrieslandCampina for introducing the RAINBOW Sweetened Condensed Milk in an all-new squeezy pack to this ‘sweet’ diva.

The new user-friendly squeezy pack offers a quick and convenient way to add a touch of sweetness to desserts, fruit salads, puddings and in my case, it goes straight from the tube to the mouth….6,000 beautifully smooth calories that hits the spot. Since I don’t smoke, drink booze or binge eat, I guess there had to be a weakness somewhere.

The new squeezy package makes it easy to pour and is resealable to prevent wastage. It offers a more practical and economical alternative to the usual tin…my colleagues have funny visions of helping me make two holes in the last tin and so I could blow in one to get the milk out the other…just thinking about it makes me laugh…hilarious!!!!

All I can say is that I love the innovative spirit of the guys at FrieslandCampina…they certainly know how to please a woman with a sweet tooth.


  1. Oh, I love that sweet milk in a squeeze pack too! It’s the best condensed milk packaging ever… use and seal! By the way, I’ve seen your blog at the expats site! =)

  2. Hehe, love it – I turn mine into toffee sauce ready made in the squeezy pack 🙂

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