Pleasantly surprised by The New Phaeton

How cool is this 🙂

The first ever car I owned was a funky Volkswagen Polo which was super nippy and in the end saved my life because of its safety features. Since then, I always wanted to owned a VW but decided to go for another SUV as I felt safer in them purely based on size but the brand i selected was more for my shoe rack space than anything else. So when the awesome girls at VW called me to see if I wanted to test drive the new Phaeton for a few days including the weekend, I couldn’t say no. It was a superb experience, one that I would love to repeat again.

We all know that Volkswagen produces one of the world’s highest quality, exclusive automobiles and the quality, style and travelling comfort of this saloon was certainly above standard. I enjoyed the abundance of new technical features that included a light Assist plus a camera-based, dynamic main beam control system being introduced in a saloon for the first time.

The navigation system in this awesome car can integrate online data in the map display upon request. The optional front camera in the Phaeton “sees” traffic signs; speed limit signs are visualised in the instrument cluster (multifunction display) and the central touch-screen of the centre console.

I loved the interior of the Phaeton – its elegant and comfortable, the styling is linear and timeless but I am so missing the seats with award-winning ergonomics. Then there is the current generation radio/navigation system with 8-inch touch-screen control, form one functional unit with the climate control and multimedia controls.

The luxurious new saloon offers superb exclusivity, and totally matched the standards I am used to in luxury cars. I was so thrilled about the car that I got offered another test drive of the Touareg the following weekend and I cant wait to share how impressed I was with the VW brand. Watch this space!

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