Cupping – my latest alternative therapy adventure

In true diva style I decided to venture out and try yet another alternative therapy for my stiff neck – I blame it on all the people in my life whose game plan is to make my life as difficult and stressful and possible to test my limits :).

Anyway….after a fantastic Turkish hammam experience, I went into the therapist’s room adorned with images of cupping as she explained that I would have circle marks on my back for a week. I joked that if she placed the cups strategically, perhaps the circles could appear sexily symmetrically on my back so I could do henna tattoos around it – she looked at me as though I was the biggest sceptic in the world so I shut my humourous side out for the next hour and left my back in her expert hands.

Cupping therapy is an ancient medical treatment that relies on creating a local suction which mobilises the blood flow to promote healing. Ancient Chinese medicine doctors prescribe this when blood and lymph stagnation needs treatment.

You can do cupping in Dubai and I have also done it in Bahrain….both cities have good spas for this. Cupping can affect the body up to 4 inches of the tissues, causing them to release toxins, activate the lymph system, clear colon blockages, activate veins, artilleries and capillaries. I’m also told it can help improve stretch marks and varicose veins.

My therapist (Maryanne) at Joz salon in Bahrain is awesome and she also mentioned that one can benefit from cupping for a broad range of ailments to help with physical and psychological well-being. I did it and loved it as my neck is less stiff than before and had sexy circles on my back to boot. It looked like I had sunned it with a top with holes in them.

If you want to give it a try, get recommendations of spas and salons… It may not be the best alternative therapy for everyone but it certainly made me feel chilled out without my neck pain.

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