Mudo City sure looks good

With Jean Renaud-Durbin of The Content Factory at Mudo City

One evening this week, I ventured to Dubai Mall in a bid to save my favourite Michael Kors shoe and one not so lovable Jimmy Choo which was a total waste of space but it is a Choo and fashion dictated it was worth saving :(. Anyway, the visit was coupled with checking out the debut of Mudo City one of the most famous Turkish brands to come to the UAE.

The store focuses on various retail sectors such as fashion, furniture and home décor, food and beverage, and entertainment at Dubai Mall. Established in 1964 by Mustafa Taviloğlu and Doğan Gürün, Mudo City began by selling gifts, records and hand-painted t-shirts. The small shop was the foundation of today’s Turkish retail giant.

I loved the Mudo Collection which features high-end fashion, Mudo Concept which includes home décor and furniture and Mudo Accessories. Asadel partnered with Mudo because of the rising demand for stylish, trendy and affordable products according to Ayman Jamil of Asadel. A pioneer in the Turkish fashion industry, Mudo Collection entered the ready to wear market offering quality and the latest fashion in both men’s and women’s wear.

The Mudo Concept works with solution partners around the world and also includes Turkish designed and produced items…..diva likes!

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