Focus on eco-friendly trends, sustainability and Green Building at Hardware Tools Middle East

I may not look like a chick who would swing a tool belt on overalls but I spent most of my childhood around tools and machinery being a contractors daughter….while other girls played with dolls, I would take very opportunity after school to go to my dad’s workplace so I could go home with him at 5pm instead of going home at 3pm. Today, while waiting for some meetings in Bahrain, I flipped through the show guide of the 13th edition of Hardware+Tools Middle East that I picked up on the way to my businesswomen’s meeting yesterday afternoon.

As I have been fascinated with tools and salivate at stuff at Ace Hardware hoping to be DIY savvy, my interest peaked and I found out that this is the only dedicated trade show and conference for hardware, tools, material and machinery in the wider Middle East region. I wish I was not rushing from the IBWG to the airport as I would have loved to see the show and the latest trends and range in energy-saving and environmentally friendly products, as these days people increasingly opt for greener solutions.

I was browsing through the show programme over lunch today and saw that an old family friend Eng. Angus MacFarlane is speaking at the forum on ‘Building an Idea – The Burj Khalifa from Design to Reality.’ We were also close neighbours for 3 years and Angus is known as one of the best technical directors for structures in this part of the world so having him on the speakers list raises the quality of the forum that is part of the Hardware+Tools Middle East. The forum features a comprehensive program with a series of presentations, seminars and workshops specifically designed for construction industry professionals.

Although my personal diva tool box at home is sweet pink, I would still love to check out some power tools and accessories if I get a chance after work tomorrow….. I only arrive in Dubai at 6am and unless I take a few bottles of Vitaene C, getting to do this is tall order but at least I can try after work. My dad would have loved the machinery segment of the show that includes moulding, drilling, cutting, welding and soldering products as well as safety products, components and parts, automation and robotics, design software, CNC routing and lathes….pity he is currently on a project somewhere in Australia. Since he forgot to tell me if its Brisbane or Melbourne, I am so tempted to call and make him jealous just to get back.

If you are into DIY, check it out – its bound to give you a few ideas on your next funky project….as for me, I’m checking on whats missing from my pink tool box

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