Rami Al Ali makes an impact with his 2012 collection

One of Rami's new designs

Once again on my way heading home from work last week I stopped for coffee at Rami Al Ali’s Atelier to see his new outfits as well as the Bridal Collection 2012. No…I’m not getting married but this hot mama likes to look at clothes and Rami’s designs are so timeless that one gets inspired by his unique touches to every dress he makes even if it happens to be the bridal collection. I reckon there were numerous elements in every bridal piece that would look awesome in an evening dress while totally rocking the fashion scene as a wedding ensemble that is so very Ramilicious.

Of course apart from the clothes, it is a delight to chat with Rami who I find is one of the most insightful designers of all times – no matter what topic you come up with, Rami contributes the most profound thoughts on each of them. I guess it’s also his worldly insights or sixth sense that makes him create the best dresses for his clients – its as if he can sense their character, ethos and what they are all about and what would go with their body, personality and what have you that makes each woman a uniquely beautiful individual.

Elegance is the key to this year’s line by Rami, with each and every dress created as a portrait of modern beauty – sophisticated and breathtaking. Flowing lengths of A-line cuts give a romantic appeal to the collection, whilst voluminous puffed skirts create a whimsical allure, for the bride who wants to make an impact. Architectural structure is ever-present throughout the line, giving each piece a strong character, whilst a daring array of exposed necklines and bare shoulders are contrasted against more modest designs of full-length lace sleeves.

Full attention is granted to the bride with a refreshing palette of off-white, and light and pearly variations of beige, to ensure all skin tones are complimented and flattered. The line is kept rich and luxurious with a strong presence of satin and tafta fabrics, with embellishments tactically placed to create new shapes and forms within each style. Every dress within the collection is uniquely crafted using innovative methods of fabric manipulation, creating new and inspiring textures and depths.

If I didn’t have to dash to Valleydez that evening to hang out with fashion experts Dipesh & Ayman, I reckon I would have just sat and taken in Rami’s creations all evening….they were pure eye candy and once again I left his Atelier half heartedly. If you ever are on Al Wasl Road and have some fashion sense, Rami Al Ali’s designs are worth stopping for to get a dose of some creative style injection.

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