‘Sultans of Science’ Asian tour debuts in Singapore

Children interacting and being hands on with exhibits in Sultans of Science

Asia to discover scientific achievements of Muslim Civilization

The Asian tour of ‘Sultans of Science’, which is MTE Studios, global traveling exhibition will debut in Singapore mid April. Currently ending the first leg of the North American tour, the UAE travelling exhibition will visit Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia beginning in the second quarter of 2012.

Following successful residencies in New Jersey, South Africa, Toronto, Edmonton and San Jose, Science Centre Singapore will be the first Asian venue to host the iconic exhibition also known as ‘Islamic Science Rediscovered’. It will go on to visit National Science Museum in Thailand; Petrosains, The Discovery Centre in Malaysia and other venues across the continent.

As a leading Science Centre promoting science and technology in the region, Science Centre Singapore will reveal scientific achievements of the Muslim Civilisation to students and the community with the opening of ‘Sultans of Science’ exhibition in mid April 2012 for a three-month run. The exhibition explores scientific breakthroughs of a remarkable era, which was one of the greatest in the world.

History text books refer to events when Europe slumbered in a period which is commonly known as the Dark Ages, but few people are aware of the tremendous contributions Muslim scholars made in science and technology during the Golden Age of the Islam (7th – 17th Centuries) which helped pave the way for the European Renaissance.

This civilization thrived on seeking knowledge and led to inventions, innovations, discoveries and prosperity. Its mathematicians invented algebra and algorithms that enabled the development of computers. Its doctors discovered the pulmonary heart circulation, undertook operations with surgical instruments very similar to modern surgical instruments and established efficient public hospitals. Its astronomers observed the heavens, developed astronomical tools to calculate their position on earth and paved the way for satellites and travel in space. Its engineers such as Al-Jazari and Banu Musa brothers laid the foundation of modern engineering and developed ingenious devices such as the first robot.

“This interactive exhibition invites visitors to explore the main fields of Muslim achievements, from mathematics to navigation, astronomy, medicine, instrument making, fine utilitarian technology, engineering, optics, architecture and flight. It will engage people of all ages and backgrounds in experiences that educate, inform, provoke thought, inspire action and understanding across cultures,” said CEO, Ludo Verheyen from MTE Studios.

The Asian venues are excited to showcase this significant exhibition, which has received record number of visitors since its launch and believe in a successful Asian tour allowing visitors to discover and understand how a great civilization created prosperity across large areas from Spain to China. The host venues are delighted and believe that visitors will be fascinated to see numerous inventions brought to life through a diverse range of over 50 interactive, sensory and static exhibits and giant functional replicas that use cutting-edge technology to recreate the ingenuity of a golden age.

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  1. For the record, this exhibition is funded entirely by MTE Studios. Unlike other exhibitions on the same subject which are heavily funded by others, ours is entirely done by us and has no headline or supporting sponsor! Would love some to come on board though.

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