All-New 2012 Ford Focus


NJD enjoys the sun roof while waiting in the Focus - it was the first car in the line-up at DWTC as we wait to kick-start the Dubai Peace Drive

The last time I drove a Ford was during University and it was a perfect car to go to classes in especially during weekends when the better half was off work but I had classes. The first time I ventured on my own, I landed the Ford in a drain….i was traumatised – the Ford came out unscratched so I was sold on the robustness of the brand. So when Tareq gave me the latest All New Focus for a week promising a new experience with its new good-looking design (the man knows diva has discerning taste), refined driving dynamics and with ample technology to keep me gadget happy, I jumped at the opportunity.

The All-new Ford Focus comes in three body styles: sporty 5-door hatchback, sleek 4-door sedan and stylish 5-door wagon. As I am a spoilt Island chick, the advanced technologies includes Active Park Assist and Torque Vectoring Control. The new Focus has a modern, cockpit-style interior, with the stylish centre console wrapped around the driver and providing outstanding access to the vehicle’s major controls….even little diva NJD was able to reach from the back and change stations while waiting for me to load the car with my shoe rack and portable wardrobe. Which brings me to the boot space.

Anyone who knows me and the drama queen of a Fortuna that I drive knows that my preferred car needs to accommodate all my latest magazines, at least 30-40 pairs of shoes, 2 gym bags, I beach bag, 1 bag for boots and one emergency vanity case for the on the way home Moroccan baths. Well….Tareq is my witness because he watched me incredulously as I packed the boot of the Focus and transferred all my girly stuff from the boot of the Fortuna to the Focus and vice versa.

Then I checked out Ford’s latest generation Human Machine Interface (HMI) system, used within the cockpit, with twin five-way toggle switches on the steering wheel controlling the two main vehicle displays…not bad.  I agree the interior does combine outstanding functionality with outstanding craftsmanship. The cabin’s bold and contemporary graphics, the sculptured shape of the soft-touch instrument panel and the choice of superior trim materials all help to give occupants the feeling that they are travelling in a premium-class car.

I do like the Active Park Assist….no comments here about me needing it – at least I park with panache which is more than you lot can boast about!!!! And its nothing to do with the new Electric Power Assist Steering system….its my style that makes a statement (I wonder if I can patent my parking style – the front wheels are always turned an angle which is my trademark)

The new Ford Focus’ powertrain range delivers spirited performance and offers outstanding fuel economy and CO2 emissions… I like that. Plus the fuel economy is enhanced by the availability of a new six-speed dual dry-clutch PowerShift automatic transmission, providing the responsive performance of a traditional manual transmission with the convenience of a user-friendly automatic. Low-friction dry clutches are employed, combined with six well-spaced gears to provide drivers with responsive acceleration from rest, smooth transitions between gears and optimized fuel economy when cruising….NJD loved the sunroof option as well…awesome.

The All New Focus is certainly an exciting new chapter in the Focus success story…check it out and let me know what you think!

Interior view of the All New Focus

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