Moonlight & Roses with Sacoor Brothers

With Derek Khan - Dubai's very own fashion icon

I reckon with hand on heart, we can say and agree that the Dubai World Cup is the most celebrated event in this city no matter which next big thing comes to town temporarily. This year was no different – celebrations started a week ahead and my favourite venue (Armani Hotel) was the place selected by the Sacoor Brothers for their pre World Cup party. For the uninitiated, Sacoor Brothers, is a leading international fashion and lifestyle brand based out of Portugal and they certainly brought the excitement and glamour of the races to Dubai an evening earlier by hosting their first Moonlight & Roses party on the eve of the World Cup.

Held at Oasi, the Moonlight & Roses themed party stayed true to the much admired Sacoor Brothers style and refinement with over 400 elegantly dressed guests treated to an evening of romance and sophistication as twinkling candles glistened in the moonlight and revellers danced under the stars. For guests in search of a hint or two of their favourite fashion brand and its unique customer service, Sacoor Brothers did not disappoint, models were beautifully dressed in the new spring / summer 2012 collection and guests honoured with deliciously refreshing bespoke cocktails.

As Moez says, ‘Dubai is a city filled with people who appreciate fine fashion and enjoy good company and bringing the Sacoor Brothers Party to the region was a natural choice.”….I first met Moez with his brothers early last year and at that time the brand was just getting known in Dubai….today Sacoor Brothers has 9 stores in the UAE and 10 stores in the GCC. Its no surprise they have made their mark here as their clothes are awesome….NJD will vouch for that.

Although my daughter is a bigger fan than I am of the Sacoor Brothers clothes, I have to say even I loved what I saw a few nights ago at Armani….I’m just glad NJD was not with me or else I would have had to take her shopping and the last thing I need right now is to have my credit card smoking because of little diva.

Although the next World Cup is a while away, its worth checking out the new collection at Sacoor Brothers….enjoy!

NJD in her favourite Sacoor Brothers shirt at a Polo tournament
Love the Sacoor Brothers logo...clearly I'm still not totally ready for this trend of taking pics as you enter every event in town

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