Artesian Water takes top position

Weekend indulgence - ice-cream with FIJI water

A bizarre phone call from a middle aged woman left me smiling today asking what makes FIJI water one of the purest form of water on the planet (I’m getting close to 40 soon so I guess that would make me middle aged too although I like to think 40 is the new 20 and I’m just about to start my life with gusto).

Anyway, it was to ask if FIJI water really did keep you looking young and what was the big deal about artesian waters and the obsession by Hollywood stars to bee seen with one. Now I am no authority on waters but I have a penchant for enjoying FIJI Water because it reminds me of home and it has silica in natural form as well as Acqua Panna which also tastes so awesome.

The high rate of silica in Fiji Water supports the biological processes of the body. Silica is presented as regulating body temperature, carrying nutrients and oxygen to cells, helps remove waste from the body, dissolves nutrients and minerals, cushions joints and protects organs and body tissues. So its more for health reasons although I find that my skin has over the last 3 years improved heaps from drinking more water that happens to be mainly FIJI.

While most people in Dubai like Perrier or San Pellegrino, I merely put up with it because it happens to be available in most restaurants. I also like local water but when I have a choice, I always go for FIJI or Acqua Panna instead of Evian, Perrier or San Pellegrino.

I drink Acqua Panna more for the fresh revitalising taste and FIJI for beauty/health purposes. I recall getting a frantic call from a hotel asking where they could get Fiji water supplied for a Hollywood celebrity coming to Dubai as they risked losing the booking if they couldn’t supply FIJI water in the room. I pointed them to NTDE and started investigating why water from my country was such a HOT stuff amongst celebrities and I’m glad I did as now I’m sold into drinking FIJI water whenever I can.

According to US Food and Drug Administration FDA studies, FIJI’s artesian water comes from deep within the earth and never comes in contact with the air. (In fact, according to the Environmental Protection Agency, water from artesian aquifers often is purer than other water sources because the multiple strata of rock and clay provide a critical protective shield against potential contamination.)

In the case of FIJI Water, natural artesian pressure forces the water up and into a completely sealed bottling system, which has been designed to eliminate any contact with the environment….i guess that makes it super pure but whatever the case….I’m sticking to FIJI water and Acqua Panna and if it keeps me looking upbeat, young and energetic, then that’s a bonus!

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