Royal Jet and their challenging Medical Evacuation Mission

Although I generally don’t like talking about brands that clash with the business interests of our group members, this week I found myself questioning and going against that as I was reading about Royal Jet’s Medevac unit successfully completing a highly complicated medical evacuation mission as it flew 31 Chinese workers injured in explosions in the Republic of Congo to China – I thought that was very commendable and worth a mention.

Frankly speaking, I always saw Royal Jet as an international luxury flight services company more on the premium side without knowing that they also have a medical team. So it was an eye opener finding out that Royal Jet Medical Evacuation Service offers state-of-the-art equipment and highly-qualified, skilled and dedicated medical professionals….this clearly is the caring side of the brand.

So…the story is that using its fully equipped and expertly manned Boeing Business Jet aircraft, the Royal Jet Medevac mission landed in China after a 16-hour flight from Maya Maya Airport in Brazzaville, the capital of the Republic of Congo, following a brief stop in Abu Dhabi for fuel and crew change. On board were Royal Jet’s well-trained and highly-skilled Medevac team headed by Dr. Ibrahim Soto, Royal Jet’s Medevac Medical Director with five Chinese medical experts who were dispatched to Brazzaville by the Beijing government, shortly after the blasts to attend to the wounded.

The blasts apparently claimed more than 200 lives and injured over 1,500 and six Chinese workers out of about 140 working at a nearby construction site were killed in the blasts. The medical team arrived in Brazzaville and spent 15 hours stabilizing the patients before accommodating all of them safely in the aircraft.

In a nutshell, Royal Jet’s fleet of Gulfstream, Learjet and Boeing Business Jet aircraft covers the globe and tailor each mission to the patient’s medical needs along with specialists and highly trained medical team. While other Royal Jet’s product offering spans several operations including luxury air charter services and Royal Jet Charter Brokerage (providing travel solutions through sourcing the appropriate aircraft for charter), I find the Royal Jet Medevac side of their business great as it helps save lives.

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