Face reading workshop with Cris Falconi

Couple of weeks ago I decided that since I get taken for a ride more often by the transient crowd in Dubai than not, its about time I did a face reading workshop so that I get some clue to what people are like based on what I read on their face.

It was awesome to find out that the trainer was none other than Cris, a friend of my Bosnian Australian University mate so it was awesome to have that comfort zone. The workshop was certainly an eye opener and made me realise that I should follow my instincts about people more often than always giving them the benefit of the doubt and be trusting.

We spent some time reading each others faces based on the overview provided by Cris so there was a lot of hands on experience between participants and I also found out that I should wear more whites and blues to enhance my looks.

What was more interesting was finding out more about people based on their features. For instance, I was warned by a few people months ago about a chick being sneaky, self serving and they told me to watch my back as no one around seemed to get along with her. Naturally me being the chilled out islander couldn’t be bothered but various lies and episodes later, I realised they were spot on about her – Incidentally this chick has a thin upper lip and this facial feature was the one thing Cris asked us to watch out for as this people can be very sneaky and manipulative. So now diva is on her toes and watching this chick’s every move. Lesson learnt!

Cris had some interesting insights on people’s ears, face shape, focus on face section based on age etc. He also touched on colours that we should wear plus body language. That was an eye opener as well and I read people and their motives a lot better now. Everything I predicted the last 2 weeks has been true…weather its someone having an attitude because they are trying to please another dodgy party or someone trying to point out at every opportunity how difficult it is what I do so that I give up and you know they want you to give up so they can step into your shoes right away …. I certainly am becoming a lot smarter and I’m glad I took this course. Money well spent!

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