Children gain knowledge through fun and experimentation at ‘BUILD-A-CITY’

Good turnout at MTE Studios Activity Zone at “Scitech”

‘BUILD-A-CITY’, an exhibition created by Dubai and Cape Town based, MTE Studios is bustling with activity at the Sultan Ibn AbdulAziz Science and Technology ‎Center “Scitech” in Saudi Arabia. The activity zone for children witnesses good turnout since its opening and will run until mid February. This is the second time ‘BUILD-A-CITY’ is being hosted in Saudi Arabia after its success with children in the Kingdom during the Ramadan Festival and in Abu Dhabi in the past.

The ongoing totally interactive experience for Children is fun, exciting and of great educational value. Children develop skills like planning and supervision, problem solving, team work, leadership, motor co-ordination, hand-eye-coordination, use of equipment, vocabulary development and socializing and recognition. It also highlights the importance of natural awareness for a sustainable, quality living environment.

Dr. Mohamed Qarwan, Director General of Scitech said, “Our main target is to educate the community, specifically the young ones, and expose them to the basics and applications of science. ‘BUILD-A-CITY’ lives up to our expectation as it teaches the children in a simple way using interactive means making their visit to Scitech an enjoyable and memorable experience.”

“Turnout at the activity zone has been good since the opening and we are looking forward to a successful event. We are more than happy to partner with MTE Studios and are excited and enthusiastic about planning other events with them in the future” added Dr. Qarwan.

‘BUILD-A-CITY’ children’s activity zone provides an ideal opportunity for children to enjoy constructive play in a team-building environment and the experience allows them to learn new social, mental and physical skills while also enjoying themselves. ‘BUILD-A-CITY’ is a large, innovative, interactive exhibit where young children without the need for parental supervision learn the basic principles of construction and teamwork ethics whilst at play.

“The activities that are carried out in the activity zone exactly match the recreational and educational needs of children in the 6-12 year old age group. This is the stage in their development during which they are starting to express their independence, enjoy working in groups, and thrive on role-playing activities. Participation in group building activities improves a child’s self-esteem and increases the range of his life experiences. We aim to make an effective contribution to society by creating content that is stimulating and relevant, said Ludo Verheyen, CEO, MTE Studios.”

‘BUILD-A-CITY’ activity zone has proven to encourage team work, psychometric skills, problem solving, nature awareness, road safety, construction heritage, building principles among other valuable messages that are communicated through the exhibits. It stimulates children through content that is stimulating and relevant.

“The exhibition has had an overwhelming response at current and previous venues and we are delighted to take it a step further by taking it to various parts of the region. We look forward to partner again with “Scitech”, which is an ideal venue for our activity zone.” added Verheyen.
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Image 01 – Children enthralled in MTE Studios ‘BUILD-A-CITY’ activity zone at “Scitech”
Image 02 – MTE Studios ‘BUILD-A-CITY’ bustling with activity at “Scitech”

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About MTE Studios:

MTE Studios is a specialized consultancy firm focused on themed architecture and interactive learning experiences. The firm designs, prototypes and manufactures inspiring interactive exhibits for science centers, museums, shopping malls and corporate environments.

MTE Studios translates unique residential, commercial, educational and leisure projects into stimulating lifescapes. Its scope of services ranges from creating a storyline, concept and detail design, documentation, project management and art direction during construction. MTE’s portfolio of completed projects includes museums, shopping malls, theme parks, FEC’s and residential developments.

With offices in Dubai, UAE and Cape Town, South Africa, MTE Studios has an interdisciplinary team of over 50 specialists, including architects, art directors, artists, engineers and interactive designers from over 12 countries. Visit for more information.

About Sultan Ibn AbdulAziz Science and Technology ‎Center “Scitech”:

Sultan Ibn AbdulAziz Science and Technology ‎Center ‎”Scitech” is affiliated to King Fahad University of Petroleum and ‎Minerals. Its mission is to foster the enhancement of knowledge and stimulate interest in the innovative fields of science and technology for the general public with special emphasis on youth, by instilling joy and enthusiasm in science education, with the aim of developing their scientific thinking, enriching their lives with knowledge, and ultimately helping them to become better citizens. Its significant location on the coastline of Al Khobar city makes it one of the most famous touristic attractions.

The 14,000 m2 build up area hosts seven themed permanent hands-on exhibition halls, planetarium, temporary exhibition hall, auditorium, IMAX theater, multi-purpose classrooms and computer labs.
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