Classic snippets from Natasha Jasmin

Natasha Jasmin Dury (NJD)

Every week I get something from Natasha that makes me laugh so I have decided to compile a note called classic phrases from Natasha Dury which will be updated as she grows:

In the car:
NJD: Mama, I need the latest Hanna Montana CD
Sherry: Who is Hanna Montana?
NJD: Are you seriously telling me you don’t know Hanna Montana?
Sherry: Well who is she?
NJD: Mama, sometimes I wonder what’s up in your noggin’
Sherry: WHAT????

Eric: But you told me this is what you wanted…
NJD: Dad, I am a woman…I am allowed to change my mind

In bed:
NJD: Mama please get up…why is it so difficult to get you up?
Sherry: Oh get away…I need 10 more minutes
NJD: OK…its now 7.30 mama…I have to go to summer camp…WAKE UP
Sherry: Get away….I need to sleep more
NJD: Why do I have the most difficult job in this house?

Sherry: Ok babe…I need to go now and you need to sleep – it’s late
NJD: Why do you have to go?
Sherry: I am going to watch TV for a bit
NJD: Are you going to watch the car show again
Sherry: yes…
NJD: Why am I not surprised
Sherry: What do you mean?
NJD: Well there seems to be no TV rules for adults…you always have excuses to watch TV!

Sherry: Have you finished your vanilla ice-cream?
NJD: Oh yeah….,.. it just hit the spot!

NJD: You really need to get upstairs mama…its time for a cuddle
Sherry: Oh…just give me 2 minutes
NJD: Really mum…your 2 minutes is 10 minutes…get away!
Sherry: Sorry darling, but mama is surgically attached to her computer
NJD: uuurrghh…why…Oh why do I even bother?

Sherry: OK Tash, buckle up. We will do a bit of dune bashing to get into Dubai
NJD: OK …as long as you promise to slow down near speed cameras and speed bumps
Sherry: What are you…my mother?
NJD: Sometimes it feels like that.

NJD: I am mad about chocolate..
Sherry: It does not mean you can finish the whole lot
NJD: I may be mad but not as mad as you.

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