The pink tool box

Once in a blue moon I get into a DIY mode….i know – that is very hard to believe. So out I ventured and asked my life line (the maid who I can’t imagine life without) to dispatch my little pink tool box to the car as I had stuff to deal with.

She looks at me suspiciously – eyes lingering on my french manicure and shakes her head. Now my pink tool box has the usual pink measuring tape, pencil, scissors, hammer etc which look very cute but I have never managed to accomplish one thing I set out to do with it.

The hammer was too delicate to fix the shoe rack in my car, the scissors was too flimsy to do anything and so forth. (Why do people make things so delicately for women that it loses its functionality – and then they moan that we cant find our way around anything that needs technical expertise.

I am therefore revising the content of my pink tool box… will now be equipped with all things feminine – the many essentials to keep my nails looking pretty and my face moisturized. I think its a conspiracy thing from men who deliberately do not want us to do laborous tasks ourselves and have to be always dependent on them.

Tonight I will think of things that will make the men in my life totally dependable on me…any ideas are welcome.

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