Working longer but at leisure

Recently, after an animated conversation with 3 fascinating men in my personal & professional life, I declared I was extending my work life to 65. Until now, my retirement plans stopped at 55 as I was determined to work hard, usher in my menopause a little earlier so I could buy the red Corvette and have fake hot flushes to get attention. Then use that as an excuse to make a quick exit out of the office life to drive at leisure in my home town, the coral coast areas of the Fiji Islands or somewhere else that’s just as nice. And travel the world….or do consultancy work with the love of my life occasionally so we both can bugger off to some isolated farm that has a forest and mountains nearby for long, refreshing walks.

That was before I analyzed my personality and realized that as a workaholic, it was better for me to work longer into retirement age and learn how to work smart so that I spend less time at the office and more at the spa during the time I do work. Easier said than done. First of all its fashionable to retire early – I like being fashionable. But on the other hand I like the idea of getting up and looking forward to something. (I am a woman – I am therefore allowed to be contradictory)

At the moment I am having a ball as although I multitask at work in many departments, I still find myself switching my computer on the moment I walk into the house, checking my emails on a Friday and I may be one of very few people with a work phone that is switched on round the clock. (a necessity when you need to chase contractors in USA or Canada at 3am in the morning). Yet I absolutely love my life despite being a workaholic – so the idea of retiring early, despite the lure of a bright red corvette does not hold the same appeal as it did a few years ago.

I have in the process become a big champion of flexible working hours where I can work late into the evening because that happens to be the most productive time for me. (You really do not want to see me or rile me first thing in the morning – its not pretty). With the extension of 5 extra years added to my working life, I am now in no hurry to make rash decisions to make a quick buck with loads of projects – I will stick to what I am doing, have maybe just 3 clients, take my time to do my work well and achieve the same success with my charisma, passion & commitment anyway. And still be hungry to do more in my ripe old age because by then, I am hoping that I will have the recipe of success honed down to a tee.

Talking of long hours, its now well past midnight and I realize that I still have not had my cuddle with another love of my life – Natasha. Some things just can’t wait. Until then, here’s to the wisdom of working longer, working smarter and enjoying life while at it!

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